Saturday, May 24, 2014

India does not need strong governance, but needs good care.

Almost major Indians are waiting about an upcoming golden sunrise this time, it looks good but it is not the fact exactly, because India is neither sick nor weak. The country has lost the belief, the self confidence, the morals and the cause is only Indians. Therefore, a strong governance or a good doctor cannot bring back all those. At this stage, country does not require doctors or engineers, neither IAS/IPS nor ministers, it needs good cares but really who cares?

Everybody is fighting against corruption but nobody thinks its cause. Is corruption a viral disease that came via air or water from neighbor countries? Off course no. It born here only, how? Who supported it? Answer is we only, the Indians. It born in our society only and spread across the countrywide. If it born in our society, how we didn't noticed it and why nobody tried to fight against it at that moment? The people who are extremely engaged in corruption, also an Indian as well somebody's in relation. They are not a foreign particle.

Here, every people are talking about to see their children either as a doctor, or an engineer, IAS/IPS or super star but nobody is talking that they will make their children first of all a good person. Everybody feels proud to say they are Bengali, or Marathi, or Gujrati, or Punjabi or Madrasi but nobody feels proud to say "I am an Indian". Everybody battling to convert their region to an independent state and they are enough happy with their local language only, but very few people loves to speak in common languages. All are pride to speak in English but they feel shame to speak in Hindi. This is the thinking about an Indian, then how and why we are expecting the system should be change? In this ways, even if the God himself will try to change it, it cannot possible. India has already full of everything, but if something is missing here, then it is unity, it is integrity among all Indians. If we fail to achieve it, we should not hope for anything better. Think about yourself, who is corrupt first, we or the system? Change the way of thinking before to change anything else.