Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chinese toys: attractive playing tool or exotic disease?

Chinese toys are exotic for the children and are easily available in all markets. These products are very attractive as well very cheap. Not only the children by themselves it preferred but also whenever they ask for a toy, we go for these Chinese items first. Nevertheless, for our household items too, we prefer these products. Have you ever thought why these products are so cheap, even those are so attractive and imported from China? Why they prefer to provide good functioning items in a cheap rate?

The answer is- using of bad quality of plastic materials and chemicals which results not only in toxic but also illness of children. Government of India has already prohibited these products in 2009 under the ITC code 9501, 9502 and 9503.

In a medical research, it has been found that the materials used in these Chinese toys results in inhale problems, cancer, weak memory power and similar to the children. They found availability of chemicals like sedative prodrugs. These chemicals results in slurred speech, staggering gait, poor judgment power, and slow, uncertain reflexes, indigestion etc.

Many people are not aware of these things and distributing unhealthy life to their kids in form of toys and other household items. Now we are living in a high society, focusing towards more healthy and hygienic life but still we are suffering from many diseases, have you ever think why? We are avoiding unhealthy foods but we are not taking care of those items which indirectly affect our health. Children even after getting healthy nutrients, many of them are incapable to their study or in taking decision. Day by day, they are lagging in their skills and health power.

Before choosing a Chinese item, think of yourself at least once, whether you are purchasing attractive toy for your kids or exotic diseases.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Does Indian law capable to provide women security?

Now a days, every people have a same question in their mind- are women safe in this country? Is Indian law capable to punish the accused and have the capacity to provide a secured environment to women and common people here? If we discuss about last 10 years records, we cannot list out all those horrible problems those might happened with women, whether she was Indian or NRI or tourist. In 2011-12: the Guwahati molestation, 2012-13: Delhi gang rape in moving bus and Mumbai gang rape with journalist, 2013-14: Tahalka rape case, molestation by a justice, Kolkata rape case with a teenage, where the accused gang raped twice with the girl and burnt alive. Not only these, many such cases are in the scene those we cannot list out in detail.

Supreme Court started a fast track court for such cases, but regret to say that these fast track court too takes years to give their decision. Do you accept that this a really fast track? They have completely changed the meaning of fast track, I don’t know what is the meaning of this word in their dictionary? The big thing, if an accused is under 18 years, then maximum imprisonment is of three years only, whatever his/her offence is, whether he/she involved in gang rape case as in Delhi or in a murder case. The court guaranteed that they can change their character within three years of juvenile imprisonment. This indicates that, court has enough power to change behavior of a person. However till now I have not got any such example. Try and try, hope the court may succeed a day. Whatever the result will be till that day, nobody can explain. At the same time, it can be imagine that if a person can do such horrible offence in their teenage, what he/she will do later? That means, now it can predict that indirectly the law is providing criminals to the society.

Whatever the age the age of an accused is, the punishment should be always equivalent. There must not be a concept of juvenile court, especially for cases like rape, murder or similar big offence. If the court does not accept this, they must have to change their views, if they really want a peaceful environment. Think on it deeply, hope we can change this and can save women.